Industrial Grade Salt Sourcing, Exporting, Supplying from Direct Manufacturers in India.

Industrial Salt Sellers, Exporters, Suppliers of Bulk Quantities Made from India:

     . We are India's leading salt company engaged in Sourcing, Supplying and exporting of Industrial Grade Salt. Marketing & Supplying of Triple Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt and Industrial salt direct from leading manufacturers based in various parts of India. We hold expertise in sourcing the good manufacturing companies, exporting and supplying the finest quality Industrial Salts. Salt is the common name for the substance sodium chloride (NaCI), which occurs in the form of transparent cubic crystals. Although salt is most familiar as a food supplement, less than 5% of the salt produced in the United States is used for that purpose. About 70% is used in the chemical industry, mostly as a source of chlorine. Salt is also used for countless other purposes, such as removing snow and ice from roads, softening water, preserving food, and stabilizing soils for construction. We bring forth various Industrial Salts in market that are demanded in various industries. We make available premium Industrial Salts that are made with qualitative ingredients. Our offered Industrial Salts are highly appreciated for their extensive industrial applications. Thus our company is well equipped and capable to meet requirements of huge quantity of any kind of salt ordered by its customers. Our key products are Raw salt, Refined iodized free flow salt, Refined Industrial Salt.

     Jyothi Overseas is an absolutely customer-focused company committed to consistently offer better quality products and services. The company has well qualified & technical man power for sourcing the good manufacturers who has high production capacities, quality control, research & development, marketing and also for administrative work.  

     We are sourcing & exporting industrial grade common salts which adhere to the requirement of various industries like Detergent & Soap Industries, Tanning & Leather Industry, Chemical Industries, Textile & Dyeing Industries, Oil Refineries, Textile Industries, Ice Plants, Plastic & PVC Manufacturing Industries and Water Treatment plants.  We do supply the following Industrial grade Salt on bulk quantity for various Industrial applications.

Crystal Salt - Used in Ice Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Oil Refineries, Chemical Industries & Swimming Pools.

Rough Powder Salt & Nice Powder Salt - Used for Tanning Animal Skin Processing Factories.

Free flow Salt (without Iodine) & Fine Salt - Used in Detergent Powder, Soap Industries, Textile & Dyeing Industries.

We are exporting and supplying Industrial Salt to the following end used products:

     Waste Water Treatment use, Paper Industry, Petroleum Additives, Textile Industry use, Engineering Industry use, De-Icing unit use, Dyes & Intermediates use, Pharmaceuticals use, Leather Tanning use, Mechanical Industries use, Caustic and Chlorine production use, Standardization of Dyes in the Textile Clothing Industry use, Bleaching Wood Pulp for Paper Production use, Production of Soaps and Batteries use, Animal Feed Industries use, Detergent Powder Manufacturing use, Water Treatment use, Oil Refinery use Salt, Ice plant use salt and  Plastic and PVC Process Manufacturing Industries.

     Its major industrial products are Caustic Soda and Chlorine Manufacturing. Salt is used in many industrial processes including the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride, plastics, paper pulp and many other products. Of the annual global production of around two hundred million tones of salt, only about 6% is used for human consumption. 

End Uses of Refined Medium Grade Industrial Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of best quality Refined Industrial Salt. Medium Grade Salt, This Salt is used in Dyes & Chemicals, Sea & Frozen Food and Seasoning etc. We provide Industrial Salt at the market leading prices.

Availability: 20kg / 50kg & 1000 kg bulk packing.

Packing Size: 50Kg in HDPE / PP Bags / as required by customers. 

End Uses of Refined Oversize Industrial Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of Refined Oversize (coarse) Salt that we offer is demanded in Explosive Industry, Specialty Chemicals, Granite Polishing, Drilling, Seasoning Pickles, etc. Avail Refined industrial Salt from us at the leading market prices.

Availability: 20kg / 50kg & 1000kg bulk packing.

Packing Size: 50Kg in HDPE/PP Bags / as required by customers.

End Uses of Industrial Tablet Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of the Tablet Salt, offered by us, is available in 25 Kg HDPE Heavy gauge bag. Our Tablet Salt is free from visible contamination with clay, grit or other extraneous adulterants. Avail the Tablet Salt from us in bulk at competitive prices.

Packing Size: 25kg / 50Kg in HDPE / PP Bags / as required by our customers.

End Uses of Refined DE- Icing Industrial Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of De-Icing Salt. We offer the salt in white crystalline form with grain size 0.5 to 10 mm. We take special care about the packaging of the salt before the final dispatch. Buyers can obtain it at nominal rates from us.
- Our De Icing Salt/ Ice Melting Salt is Sea Salt with Purity (NaCl) ranging from 97 to 99.50% available in White Crystalline form with grain size 0.5 to 10mm.

- A Coarse Salt is an efficient De-Icing Salt Product whose Coarse Particles size improves ice melt and grip.

- Available in bulk packing of 25/50Kg Bags and Bulk packing of 1 MT and 1.2 Ton. 

End Uses of Refined Pool Industrial Salt

     We are the reliable Suppliers and Exporters of Swimming Pool Salt. The salt offered by us is completely free from all kinds of impurities. Bulk orders of it are processed by us as per the specific requirement of the buyers. One can obtain it at competitive rates from us.
- Highly Pure Quality Extra Fine Salt for Chlorinator.
- No Additives - Dissolve Rapidly.
- Available Packing - 20kg / 40kg / 50kg / Bags.
- Also Available in Course and Tablet Form.

End Uses of Super Fine Dust Industrial Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of Super Fine Dust Salt. This salt is applicable in continuous processing of butter and cream cheese production factories use. Thus, our offered stock is useful in dairy preparations. Our entire stock of fine salt is quality approved by our professional analysts and laboratory experts after the refining process is through.

Packing Size: 25kg / 50Kg in HDPE / PP Bags / as required by our customers.

End Uses of Low Hardness Industrial Salt

     We are supplying and exporting of best quality Refined Pure Salt. We are engaged in offering Refined Pure Salt that is widely used in Textile / Hosiery, Dyeing factories etc. Our offered Refined Pure Salt is highly appreciated for vast industrial applications and its superior quality standards.

Availability: 50 kg bulk packing.

Packing Size: 50Kg in HDPE / PP Bags along with liner inside Purity: NaCl 99 to 99.60 % or as per requirement of buyers. 

Salt Manufacturing Process:

       The manufacturing process involves preparing of brine from raw salt. After multiple washing stages the slurry undergoes centrifugation process. The sale cakes obtained at the outlet of centrifuge are devoid of impurities such as iron and other insoluble material. Multiple washing also controls both the impurities soluble and insoluble like calcium, magnesium and sand etc. These salt cakes are dried in the fluid bed dryer and after sieving for proper granules size and blending of free flowing agent the final product is obtained. The cyclone collects fines which are packed separately. The final product has alt content as high as 99.5% in form of NaCI. The entire process is automatic and the salt is produced and packed in most hygienic condition with highest purity up to 99.5% NaCI contents.

Salt Quality Control:

     Quality control is the part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements (ISO 9000:2000). Simply put, it is examining “control” materials of known substances along with patient samples to monitor the accuracy and precision of the complete analytic process. Quality control is required for accreditation purposes.

     Specifications for salt vary widely according to the intended use. Salt intended for human consumption must be much purer than salt used for melting snow and ice, but salt used for certain scientific purposes may need to be even purer. For most purposes, rock salt is allowed to have a gray, pink, or brown tinge rather than being pure white. The impurities that cause these colors may make up as much as 4% of a test sample. To test solubility, a 0.7-ounce (20 g) sample is placed in 6.8 fluid ounces (200 ml) of water. It should completely dissolve in no more than 20 minutes. Evaporated salt intended for food processing is very pure, containing as much as 99.99% sodium chloride before additives are mixed in. This is important not only for safety and good taste, but because certain impurities can cause problems with certain foods. For example, small amounts of calcium tend to toughen vegetables. Traces of copper or iron tend to destroy vitamin C and to increase the rate at which fatty foods become rancid. In addition, calcium and magnesium both tend to make salt absorb more water, causing it to cake.

Industrial Mineral Marine Gypsum & Gypsum:

     We are an ISO 9001 certified company manufacturing and exporting a wide range of salts and gypsum like Refined free flow iodized salt, Industrial grade free flow salt, Iodized edible crystal salt, Salt pan gypsum, etc. These find their application in industries like Dyeing, Plaster of Paris, Cement manufacturing, Soap, Biscuits and Pickles. Our range of salts and gypsum are widely in demand. Manufactured with latest technology, our quality range is supplied to countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia and some parts of Africa. In addition our procuring agents procure these after thorough testing and inspection.

We provide you high quality of industrial minerals which is made by using superior and fine quality of raw materials. It is free from all kinds of impurities and pollutants. It is available at very cheap rates to our clients all across the country. It is available in varied ranges such as marine gypsum - salt pan gypsum and gypsum. We give timely delivery and it is made as per the client’s requirements.

Marine Gypsum (salt pan gypsum):

Marine Gypsum:  Item Code: CaSO42H2O

    We manufacture and export a wide range of marine gypsum, which is extensively used in cement industries and for making high strength POP. This marine gypsum can also be used as a source of calcium in the formulation of calcium-based siliceous chemicals. Our range of gypsum is known for its purity and is free from any kind foreign particle. We offer gypsum in palletized & stretch wrapped packaging.


        Minimum Order of Quantity: As per client requirement.

        Delivery Time: Within one week of Payment.

        Packaging: Bulk Supply only.


     We also manufacture a wide range of gypsum that contains only 14% organic nitrogen. Our range of gypsum is available in pure form without the presence of any foreign particle. In addition we offer gypsum in following packaging:

Palatalized & Stretch Wrapped Packaging

Packaging: Bulk Supply only.

Salient Features of our Company:

No Adulteration in the products.

Moisture Content (Less Than 1%).

Hygienically Processed and Air Tight Packed.

Maintaining Superior Quality Standards.

Best Competitive Prices in the Industry.

Time Delivery of Products as per Schedules.

Friendly Approach and Respect with our Customers.

Fast Communications and Reply to our clients instantly.

Perfectness at every stage of business process.

Our Strength & Values to Make Us in the Global Presence:

     Our company has strong values, strength & specific mission to expand itself to the global industrial community. Our aim is to provide superior quality, best competitive prices, time delivery, prompt, efficient and reliable services in the field of salt.

    Our values are Safety, Passion, Integrity, Care and Excellence. We believe in exploring the greatness of the smallest.

    We seek to improve and maintain an environment where everyone is provided with the opportunity for development.

    We keep professional, maximum value for money in our services for our clients.

    We believe for truthfulness into business and honor, our commitments, clear transparency.

    We are looking forward to be aware about our customer's choices, tastes, sharper focus and better clarity.

    We try to contribute in export of Salt and Globalization of Indian Industries & irrespective commitments of the circumstances.

    We believe in Honesty, Integrity and Transparency in all our business transactions with our customers always.

Attention Buyers / Importers:

     If you are interested to buy any kinds of our Industrial Salt products, please feel free to contact us to the below contact details with your specific enquiry.

     We will try to quote our best competitive price within maximum 24 hours of time.

Thanks and Best Regards

Selvaraj. R
CEO - International Business
Jyothi Overseas
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Industrial Grade Salt Sourcing, Exporting, Supplying from Direct Manufacturers in India.

Industrial Salt Sellers, Exporters, Suppliers of Bulk Quantities Made from India:      . We are India's leading salt company e...